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Electronic Works

Live Performance

Moon Dark World

The trees

are forming hands

to cloak the sky with pillow whispers,

until the soft equilibrium

behind laughing eyes

departs down the moon dark world.

-Paul Cameron Brown

For hand-built light instrument and MaxMsp

In an Artist's Studio

Christina Rossetti's poem 'In an Artist's Studio' delves into the ideas of the objectification of women in art. This relationship of the woman's manipulated image through the artist's lens gave an interesting opportunity to explore how to attempt to replicate these ideas of manipulation in the voice. The voice can give much information to the listener. From the timbre to the diction to the range, we can determine many preconceived notions about someone's background. The same idea can apply to the appearance of someone, and when this appearance is manipulated in favor of someone's ideals, will we notice it? In this piece, it is apparent that we notice it, just like how we notice it in Rossetti's poem.


Bounce was written as a final project for the Creative Audio Recording and Production Techniques class, with the visual aspect of this piece done by UofL alumni William Lamkin. Just like the title suggests, Bounce features constant striking sounds that ebb and flow slowly throughout the piece that allows for the listener to explore the other various rhythms and sounds that present themselves in this piece.

Fixed Media

I have so many selves, I cannot contain them all

‘I have so many selves, I cannot contain them all’ is based on the idea that people often display different facets of their personality, behavior, and identity depending on their social context or situation. However, when these various social selves become too divergent or cause a sense of fragmentation in one's identity, it may lead to confusion or disconnection. Finding a balance between being authentic and adapting to social situations is a continuous process and struggle that I wanted to represent through the different instruments and sounds competing for dominance, as they represent each self clamoring for attention.

Two hour Improvisation/Etude in Ableton using LABS 

Through the Microscope

Through the Microscope was conceived through my own interest in microbiology and what can be seen through the microscope. When I discovered the Instagram account @tardibabe, I knew I had to at least attempt to compose a few pieces to the videos I watched. Each video focuses on a different organism and my personal interpretation of them through electronic music. Sharing these videos with the audience is integral to the performance, not only because I wrote the pieces specifically for them, but it helps to show the reason as to why I composed what I did.  

I-Stentor Coeruleus
V-Peritrich Ciliates

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